Tamara Rogozina is a contemporary artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She exhibits chosen artworks internationally and runs an art studio in Kyiv.


Tamara’s contemporary art is an ensemble of genres and techniques and comes as an exploration of a spiritual experience that is a result of years of Tri Yoga and meditation.

Her signature color combinations and shapes are the search for answers to the deeply lived questions of internal and external peace. Her original In Search (2015-2017) series are the exploration of the fight between light and shadow. They were born as response to both the deeply personal dynamics and the developing role of the individual in Ukrainian society after the Revolution of 2014.

Finding yourself as a woman in art in her 50’s, she has explored the topics of motherhood and femininity in post-Soviet Ukraine. Art process to her is foremost the internal harmony, clear sight, and the understanding of self, one’s purpose and societal complexities.

The underlying concept in Tamara’s art is the search for light, genuinity, love, and the positive attitude to life.

Tamara’s original animal and nature series are the reminder to our place on Earth as well as a mirror of her personal admiration for travel. Some of her favorite destinations are Norwegian fjords, Thai forests and Austrian mountains. Since the 80s she has been an alpinist – and loves conquesting mountains as much as life’s other tops.

Aside other artistic pursuits, Tamara has been playing the Japanese flute, shakuhachi, training and performing with Kiku Day, Zenyoji Keisuke, Okuda Atsuya, Riley Lee and Chiku Za among others. She is an active member of World Shakuhachi Association and participated in 2018 Shakuhachi World Festival in London as well as Shakuhachi Summer School in 2016 and 2017.