Glory to Ukraine

The start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has had an impact on Tamara that is impossible to put into words. Since February 24, 2022, the prevailing topic of her art has been the war, Ukrainian heroes and her beloved people and country. Glory to Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine. Oil. March 2022
Long Live Ukraine. Oil. March 2022
Azov-steel. Portrait of the defender. Pencil. May 2022.
Not the war! Watercolour sketch. April 2022.
Broken childhood. Mariupol. Stop the war! Mixed. May 2022.
Our president. From Bucha series. Pencil. April 2022.
Bucha volunteer. From Bucha series. Watercolour. April 2022.
Ukrainian women. Sketch with pastel and liner. May 2022.
Pictures from my childhood. Watercolour. May 2022.
New Life. Watercolour. May 2022.
Inspired by a famous Ukrainian song Ridna Maty Moja (“My Dear Mother”) by Malyshko.
Shooting Down Freedom. Oil. June 2022