Tamara has depicted places and people countless times as a result of her travels across Europe. The towns, nature and new connections leave a mark in a traveller’s soul. In Cities series Tamara looked at her experiences, the town movement, light and speed. She aimed to reveal the world’s ever changing dynamic. Nothing remains as is, but is a flow of change.

In People in the City 1, 2 and 3, she portrayed people in this flow and tried to convey how easy it can be to lose one’s identity under external influence.

Tamara has also put her town Kyiv on canvas and paper multiple times. This city is also depicted in the most paintings from the Flowers series.

Sunrise over Prague. Acrylic. 2017
London, Exhibition road 29 1. Watercolour. 2018
London, Exhibition road 29 2. Watercolour. 2018
Kyiv 1 Cities
Kyiv 1. Watercolour. 2014
Kyiv 2 Cities
Kyiv 2. Watercolour. 2014
From above Cities
From above. Oil. 2016
Copenhagen 1 Cities
Copenhagen 1. Watercolour. 2017
Copenhagen 2 Cities
Copenhagen 2. Watercolour. 2017
People in the city 3 Cities
People in the city 3. Oil. 2016
People in the city 2 Cities
People in the city 1. Oil. 2016
Copenhagen 3 Cities
Stockholm. Oil. 2017
People in the city Cities
Neuschwanstein Castle. Watercolour. 2017
People in the city 1 Cities
People in the city 2. Oil. 2016
Stockholm Cities
Copenhagen 3. Watercolour. 2017
Neuschwanstein Castle Cities
People in the city 4. Oil. 2016

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