The shakuhachi (Japanese 尺八) is a Japanese and ancient Chinese bamboo flute.

When Tamara heard shakuhachi live for the first time, she fell instantly in love. Since then she has been playing with musicians Sergei Maximenko, Kiku Dey, Riley Lee, Chiku Za and John Neptun, and extended techniques further as a member of World Shakuhachi Association, Shakuhachi Summer School and Shakuhachi World Festival.

Shakuhachi is the most mystical instrument created by the nature itself. Since ancient times it’s been nurtured by Japanese monks Komusō who see music as spiritual growth and enlightenment.

For me, the sound of Shakuhashi is rustling leaves, waves lapping the shore, and a light breeze… It is the sunrise and the sunset in the mountains. It is the sound and the silence. It is being in the present and dissolving in it.